Hair mean to us much more than just head covering.

Rather, healthy hair shows the beauty from within; strength, sportiness and young-remained.

Even at an advanced age beautiful hair show vitality, attractiveness and health.

In the interpretation and meaning of the body, even hair stands for success, freedom, power and self-determination.

The more impotent and helpless we feel when we lose our hair. And this applies to both men and women.


Nutrition, stress and increasing environmental pressures affect the growth and structure of the hair. 

From now on, you have a method for your holistic well-being:

Experience an energizing during the Zytoenergese® treatment:

  • A thorough medical history is performed.
  • The acid-base balance is checked and, if necessary, improved.
  • Hardened deposits are dissolved and removed by the detoxification through the lymphatic system.
  • The mineral absorption to each individual cell is ensured with the aid of Zytoenergese®.

A Zytoenergese® Hair Renew treatment leads to a long-lasting balance of the energy circulation of the entire body.

The cell regeneration is stimulated and accelerated.

The lymph flow is stimulated, thereby promoting the purification and detoxification of the body.

Likewise, the blood flow is stimulated, as a result, mineral substances can be returned to the hair root and to the hair cell.


Due to all these factors, a success rate in hair formation of more than 80% can be achieved when the Zytoenergese® is applied in a professional manner! 


Hair is not a lone fighter.

They are associations of at least 2 up to 5 hairs of a hair shaft.

If this condition is not met, the scalp becomes visible!


The success can be demonstrated by means of a photo-trichogram:

Within 10 weeks, the hair density has tripled